Mittwoch, 9. März 2016

Anam Cara

Anam Cara (gealic "Soul Friend")

Your home is a sunbeam, a rainbow,
the moon's soft glow

I glimpse you in the sudden burst of light
at the parting of clouds.

I smell your earthy freshness
in the tender breezes of awakening spring.

I hear your voice in the call of geese,
as they lift from the river and form their living arch.

I feel your softness in the brush of a feather,
your sweet warmth as a puppy held close to my cheek.

I find your peace in the murmur of a lonely woodland stream;
sparkling and glistening as it's water softly skips to the sea.

Your memory is the refreshment of cool spring water,
after laboring in summer fields.

I see you waiting inside a garden,
as my pathway turns it's final corner.
I thrill to hear you softly whisper my name again in joy.

No more partings, no more sorrow.
Our souls remember their Song, as we mingle with the ages.

(J.T. Histed)

Bild:  Gerald Bruen

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